baba (iamaleceiffel) wrote in veryfriendly,

the national.

ever wished that perhaps just one band would take a slightly different tack to the "we love gang of four" host of non-entities the music world has been forced to endure recently? welcome to the national. hailing from ohio and now living in new york, the national sound like leonard cohen squeezed through a blender with the likes of tom waits, morrissey and nick cave...and then being sprinkled with a healthy dose of pixies, joy division and all number of lo-fi american indie pop bands. self-deprecating without being emo, and enough with the times to fit in with the popularists of late, i'm officially sticking the "band to watch" sticker upon the national for 2005.

MP3 1- "lit up".

when this song begins, it almost sounds like it could have come straight from a "love will tear us apart" demo session. however, as soon as the second chord kicks in it becomes apparent that there is far more to this band than that. evolving into something pleasantly familiar to ted leo and the pharmacists, this is a danceable and feel-good song.

MP3 2- coming soon.

seemingly coming straight from dark heart that composed "trompe le monde", abel is a stomping, headbanging, singalong piece of goodness. anyone who isn't screaming "my mind's not right" by the end of the song.....hasn't got a right mind.
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